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8 Latest Sunglasses Trends that Your Eyewear Brand Needs to Stay Updated With

As the summer season is approaching fast in 2022, most eyewear brands are eyeing new styles and trends to attract their customers. While sustainable shades are the trend we are all over, we also like to discuss the latest sunglasses trends in terms of shapes, frames, and lenses so that eyewear businesses can attract more leads and real happy consumers this year. So, without any delay, let’s check out what’s trending in the eyewear industry.

1. Slim, Rectangular shades

Even though slim shades gained the fame in 2021, they are going to stay here in 2022 as well. However, this time, you will notice slim, rectangular shades with wider and chunky frames instead of small and narrow sunglasses. These sunglasses look great on most people, regardless of the hairstyle, skin tone, and clothing style.

2. Neon Sunglasses

The next big trend in the industry you will see is the eye-catching neon sunglasses. You are going to see a rise in the demand of neon lenses in bright colors like orange, yellow, and pink with rimless sunglasses.

3. Pastel Sunglasses

Not all your customers are going to wear neon sunglasses as these sunglasses make a bold choice. However, you can still attract more customers by offering pastel sunglasses which are going to be another popular trend among sunglasses wearer. Colors like soft pink, pale blue, soft green, sunshine yellow and soft violet are expected to see a spike in demand.

4. Oversize Frames

While many experts believe that oversize frames are a style perennial, some are recommending quite the opposite. However, if you research well, you will find that certain shapes, such as butterfly and aviator, in neutral metallic and light-colored acetates are back in style.

With this style, you may need to consider the needs of customers who wear prescription eyeglasses because wireframes and slim aviators might not hold the prescription lens properly.

5. Gradient Lenses

Again if customers in your region are not fans of neon lenses, try swaying them with sunglasses with darker and gradient-styled lenses. You can have a huge variety of hues when it comes to sunglasses with gradient lenses.

6. Optical Illusion Shades

This choice will be more dominant among customers who like bold trends. This type is not going out of fashion anytime soon and is certainly becoming a popular trend these days as they add great fun to the personality of the wearers.

7. Pointed Cat-Eye Sunglasses

We all know that cat-eye sunglasses were in high demand not too long ago. However, now, they have evolved into a bit more dramatic cat-eye look with pointed corners and wider takes than traditional cat-eye sunglasses.

8. White Frame Sunglasses

Though sunglasses are usually considered a valuable accessory during the summer season, sunglasses with white frames are the ideal style for year-round. These light-colored frames help brighten up the visage of your customers even on the dull days.

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