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YOOSUNGLASSES is a professional eco-friendly sunglasses manufacturer, producing and supplying BPA-free plastic sunglasses, 100% recycled ocean plastic sunglasses, bio-based renewable castor oil sunglasses (G850), and wheat straw sunglasses. A huge fan of continuous eyewear frames, YOOSUNGLASSES is not only a leader in fashion trends, but also committed to sustainable development, customer service, and giving back to mankind and the planet.

If you are looking for wholesale sunglasses for your brand or business, YOOSUNGLASSES is your top choice for a reliable and experienced sunglasses manufacturer. We offer you a wide range of choices, provide sunglasses ODM and OEM services, and can help attract your ideal customers and promote your business.

If you have a need for a product or service not listed above, please contact us.

Best Selling Eco Friendly Sunglasses Gallery

BPA-Free Plastic Sunglasses

Hot Selling BPA-Free PC Lifestyle Polarized Sunglasses OEM
Eco-friendly Anti-glare UV Protection Sunglasses Wholesale
Custom Polarized Sports Sunglasses With Non-slip Nose Pads
Classic Wayfarer interchangeable Polarized Sunglasses Custom
Men's Square UV400 Sunglasses China Factory
China Supplier One-piece Lens Plastic Sunglasses

100% Ocean Recycled Plastic Sunglasses

China Manufacturer Ocean Recycled Plastic Sunglasses Wholesale
Recycled Plastic Sunglasses Manufacturer Wholesale Recycled Ocean Sunglasses
Reliable Recycled Sunglasses Suppliers Wholesale Round Women Sunglasses

Bio-based renewable castor oil sunglasses (G850)

Wholesale Fashion One-piece Lens Polarized Sunglasses China
OEM Women Round Polarized Sunglasses China
Classic Unisex Polarized Sunglasses Wholesale
Women Round Biodegradable Sunglasses Supplier China
Fashion Round Recycled Designer Sunglasses Wholesale
Wholesale Unisex Recycled Material Sunglasses In China

wheat straw sunglasses

China Supplier Custom Wheat Straw Polarized Sunglasses
Custom Wheat Straw Environmentally Friendly Sunglasses
Wholesale Round Wheat Straw Eco Friendly Polarized Sunglasses

Why choose us?

Apart from making stylish sunglasses, we are a prominent eco-friendly sunglasses supplier with over 15 years of experience and have worked with well-known companies worldwide. In our eco-friendly sunglasses production, we use recycled plastic to ensure that our products are not harming the environment. Even though our products are 100% recycled plastic, they will still last your customers for years on end. Our eco-friendly sunglasses are available for women, men, unisex, and kids styles. Whether you are looking for polarized sunglasses or just for daily wear, our eco-friendly sunglasses are available in all types.

If you are a small business that is starting a sunglass line, as an eco-friendly sunglasses manufacturer, our products will keep your customers talking for a long time—and feel good about helping the environment. If you are interested in our products and services and need an affordable rate, our bulk product pricing is unparalleled in the industry.

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