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Tackling Plastic Pollution Smartly With A New Vision

We are one of the leading recycled plastic sunglasses manufacturer, making a positive impact on the world by shaking up the current sunglasses industry. Our sunglasses are not only reducing the impact on the environment but also paving new ways of sourcing raw materials. In the last few years, we have helped the eyeglasses industry reduce plastic waste by selling recycled sunglasses wholesale to retailers worldwide. Since sunglasses and eyewear, in general, use plastic frames, recycled plastic is a great alternative.

As one of the leading reliable recycled sunglasses suppliers, our  goal is to keep plastic waste away from landfills and oceans. The recycled plastic we use goes through a series of processes before it can be turned into a beautiful pair of sunglasses. We make sure that through our melting and pelletizing process, our sunglasses turn out sturdy, giving old one-use plastics a new life.

Why us?

In our 12 years of existence as a sunglass manufacturer, we have manufactured and supplied recycled plastic sunglasses with custom OEM and ODM designs. We collect the plastics from recycling programs or from collection points. That way we can intercept the plastic before it reaches the landfill. To improve the integrity and durability of the weaker plastics we often add virgin plasticizers so that by the time everything is done, even though it is not 100% recyclable, it is still greener than most sunglasses out in the market.

All our recycled sunglasses are usable by small and big brands as within our OEM and ODM services, we will help you build the brand’s trademark from scratch. If you are a sunglass retailer who is looking to diversify your sunglasses selection or a new sunglass retail business starting your company, you will be able to buy our recycled sunglasses wholesale in bulk. Our sunglasses are not only sustainable but also affordable as we provide them at a competitive price. 

Buy recycled sunglasses in Bulk

If you are looking for a manufacturer who meets your demands regarding quirky designs, top-notch quality, and availability at a competitive rate, then we have got you covered. Sustainable sunglasses already give you a competitive edge in this cutthroat industry, but with good design and durability, you can be sure of retaining most of your customer base for a long time. We focus on providing quality products in bulk quantity making the most of our latest engineering techniques and keeping you on top of the market.

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