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Degradable Materials

------The New Trend in Green Consumption of Eyewear Products

December 7, 2022

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Is your amazing collection of sunglasses sustainable? Are you a fashion brand looking to make sustainable sunglasses? Degradable materials are the new trend in the green consumption of eyewear products.

Our environment is gradually becoming unfit for future generations as a result of the countless pollutants and endless waste. There are signs of environmental deterioration everywhere. There has been a significant change in the climate in the past few years.

All of this has made manufacturers rethink their choices of materials and methods. The use of degradable materials in manufacturing eyeglasses is a way to reduce your environmental footprint. YOOSUNGLASSES from China is an eyewear manufacturer that makes eco-friendly sunglasses. YOOSUNGLASSES has been working on sustainable sunglasses.

recycled plastic sunglasses

Types of degradable materials ideal for children's consumption of eyewear products

Plastic is a cheap and widely popular material for sunglasses. Many eyewear brands choose it for its versatility and affordability, but this material has an extremely damaging impact on the environment. A pair of glasses made from traditional plastics can wreak havoc on the environment.

As more and more manufacturers become aware of the benefits of adopting eco-friendly methods, more and more eyewear designers are re-evaluating their production methods to reduce their environmental impact. It is high time for established as well as emerging brands to seek out sustainable production methods that allow for repairing rather than wasting.

Here are some of the sustainable materials ideal for making eyeglasses.

Recycled ocean plastic is made from plastic waste collected from oceans, beaches, waterways, and coastal areas. When you use fully recycled plastic, you help the environment by reusing what is already available rather than adding new plastic to the environment.

Castor oil is a more environmentally friendly alternative to polymers derived from fossil fuels. While it may appear to be a hoax, castor oil is being used as the primary material for 100% bio-based natural 3D materials used in the 3D printing process in the eyewear industry. It is a completely environmentally friendly material for making sunglasses and optical frames.

This material is made from wheat straw fibers. It is all natural, completely biodegradable, renewable, and sustainable. It can be decomposed and even used as fertilizer, and it can also be recycled to make different products. Plastic is typically made from artificial polymers, but polymers created from wheat straw are fully natural.

As consumers become more conscious of the environment, they will choose their consumption habits to reduce their impact on the environment. Many eyewear companies worldwide are adopting a sustainable approach to manufacturing. Some of the top-tier eyewear brands’ business models are centred on their ability to sustainably project an eco-conscious image to the industry and the general public. No doubt, the new trend of using degradable materials in the eyewear industry is here to stay and is definitely a viable option for your business.

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