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Do All Sunglasses Have UV Protection?

July 25, 2023

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It is often assumed that all sunglasses block UV rays and provide adequate protection for the wearer. However, not all sunglasses have the ability to block UV rays. Only sunglasses fitted with UV400 protective lenses can effectively block UV rays and protect our eyes from UV damage.

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1. Classification and hazards of ultraviolet rays

Ultraviolet rays are invisible to the naked eye. The main source of ultraviolet rays in nature is the sun. Ultraviolet rays have a frequency of 750THz to 30PHz in sunlight, corresponding to light with a wavelength of 400nm to 10nm in vacuum. According to the wavelength, it can be divided into low-frequency near ultraviolet (UVA), medium-frequency far ultraviolet (UVB), high-frequency ultra-short ultraviolet (UVC), and ultra-high frequency extreme ultraviolet (EUV).

Do all sunglasses have UV protection
(1) Low-frequency near ultraviolet (UVA), the wavelength is between 320nm-400nm.

UVA has a longer wavelength and lower energy, but its penetrating power is stronger than that of UVB. UVA can pass through the epidermis of the skin to the dermis, and can even penetrate water at a depth of 9 feet. Although UVA does not cause acute inflammation of the skin, it can cause the deposition of skin melanin, and it will accelerate the aging of the skin under long-term effects.

(2) Medium-frequency far ultraviolet (UVB), the wavelength is between 280nm-320nm.

UVB is a kind of ultraviolet light with medium wavelength and energy. It can be absorbed by human epidermis, but it cannot penetrate into the interior of the skin. When it acts strongly on the skin, symptoms such as erythema, itching, blisters, and edema appear on the skin, and severe cases can also cause skin cancer. Acting on the eyes, eye pain, tearing, can also cause conjunctivitis and keratitis, known as photo ophthalmia, and may induce cataracts and macular degeneration, increasing the risk of various eye diseases.So UVB is a kind of ultraviolet light that should be protected in life.

(3) High-frequency ultra-short ultraviolet (UVC), the wavelength is between 200nm-280nm.

The wavelength is shorter and the energy is higher. UVC is the most harmful and cannot directly irradiate the human body, but UVC has the weakest penetrating ability. The UVC contained in sunlight is completely absorbed by the earth’s ozone layer before reaching the ground, and its impact on the human body can be ignored.

It can be seen that the two types of ultraviolet rays that cause harm to the human body are mainly UVB and UVA. We can protect ourselves from ultraviolet rays by wearing sunscreen clothing and sunglasses.

2. Factors that determine the UV protection level of sunglasses
(1) The most important factor is the type of lens used in the production of sunglasses

Sunglasses with UV400 protective coating lenses used in production have 100% UV protection function. For example, the popular TAC polarized lenses have UV400 function, and can effectively block glare and make vision clearer.

(2) The material and quality of the lens

High-quality lenses are usually made of advanced materials, which can more effectively block ultraviolet rays, and the quality of the lens also plays a vital role in determining the level of protection. During the production process, the lenses must undergo multiple rigorous tests to ensure that the quality of the lenses meets the required standards.

(3) Design and fit of sunglasses

The design and fit of sunglasses can also affect the level of protection they offer, with sunglasses that fit snugly around the face blocking more UV rays that reach the eyes. Sunglasses with wraparound or oversized frames have a better wrapping effect on the eyes, which can reduce the amount of ultraviolet rays entering from the sides of the sunglasses.

3. Does the price of sunglasses represent its UV protection level?

The price of sunglasses is not directly related to its UV protection level. Some cheap sunglasses may not provide enough UV protection, but the UV protection level depends on the design function of the sunglasses and the material and quality of the lens. The price does not represent the level of UV protection it provides.

4. Do dark sunglasses provide more protection than light sunglasses?

Many people assume that darker sunglasses automatically provide better UV protection, and while darker lenses reduce the intensity of visible light and make the eyes more comfortable in bright conditions, it does not necessarily mean that they provide better UV protection. The level of UV protection depends on the materials and coatings used in the lenses, The level of UV protection depends on the materials and coatings used in the lens, not on whether the lens is dark or light in color. So even sunglasses with light-colored lenses can provide excellent UV protection if they meet the necessary criteria.

In conclusion, not all sunglasses provide adequate UV protection, and the most important factor in the level of UV protection depends on the materials and coatings used on the lenses.

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