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Sunglasses are more than fashion accessories—they are also essential, protective gear against the glare (and dangers) of the sun. Whether customers are shopping for a style statement or for comfort, sunglasses are always in demand in any location.

If you are in the eyewear business, it’s time to include sunglasses in your catalog if you haven’t yet. You can include many series of sunglasses based on style, design, color, UV protection, and personalization to attract your customers. All you need is to find sunglasses wholesale vendors who can meet your orders per your requirements.

When you look for wholesale sunglasses for your business or brand building, there are many factors to consider to get the right pieces for your needs. As we mentioned, sunglasses come in many styles, colors, material types, and lenses with UV protection categories. You need to know what the trends are in your market and what your customers want. With professional and experienced sunglasses vendors, purchasing eyewear can be easy as they can provide basic OEM/ODM services for your specific needs. Here are a few things to consider when you are about to place your wholesale order for your business.

Frame material and color

Sunglasses frames significantly affect the price and style. You need to pick the right frame material for each budget segment to cover every range. PC, acetate, TR, stainless steel, and titanium are some of the most common frame materials used in sunglasses. Also, frames for sunglasses come in many colors, and you can customize your eyewear series by including as many colors as you want. You can choose materials and colors after conducting market research to meet consumer demands.

Lens materials and colors

Lenses are the key parts of sunglasses, and you need to pick the right materials and colors to define your series of sunglasses among your customers. You can choose from entry-level lenses to premium glass materials for your sunglasses as per your requirements and budget. For colors, you can go with the standard option or choose to customize your requirements with a team of professional designers.

UV protection

Not every sunglass provides the same level of protection against UV rays and sun glare. For sunglasses, there are usually five categories of UV protection: Category 0, Category 1, Category 2, Category 3, and Category 4. Category 0 means a lens doesn’t protect at any level from UV radiation, and the Category 4 lens provides the maximum protection from UV radiation. You can choose your sunglasses options carefully depending on the needs of your consumers.


With professional and experienced sunglasses wholesale vendors, you can give a personalized touch to your sunglasses for brand value. You can customize your logo or prints on frames to make your sunglasses stand out in the market.  

These are the common considerations when you are planning to launch a series of sunglasses in your eyewear catalogs. At Yoosunglasses, we are one of the most reputable sunglasses wholesale vendors worldwide with over 12 years of experience in the eyewear industry. We provide sunglasses that are necessary for sports, driving, travel, work, and family life in a variety of categories to meet business demands across industries. Contact us to learn more about our catalogs and personalized custom services.

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