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How the Eyewear Industry Can Contribute to Sustainable Future

Are you an eyewear brand or a fashion retail store? If yes, do you know that your collaboration with wholesale fashion sunglasses manufacturers who can equip you with eco-friendly sunglasses can lead to a huge positive change? At first, you might think that one small step is not going to make any difference. But we all also know that a long journey of thousands of miles also starts with a small single step. Thus, each initiative counts as long as you do it right.

With the countless pollution sources and endless wastes, our environment is gradually becoming unfit and a sick place for our future generations to live. In fact, many parts of the world along with oceans and seas are already showing signs of adversity caused by choices that people make without thinking. Climate change is real, aquatic species are dying, and landfills have only so much capacity to make the waste disappear. So, give another life to the eyewear fashion and help your customers understand that their choices matter.

How to Make Sustainable Choices in the Eyewear Industry

While plastic hasn’t gone out of style as many eyewear brands and stores still choose it for its affordability and versatility, this material is extremely damaging to the environment. For a long time, it’s been common for eyewear to be made from petroleum-based plastic.

However, what many people fail to realize is that a seemingly harmless pair of glasses made from traditional plastics can wreak havoc on the environment. It takes hundreds and thousands of years to break down and simultaneously affects all aspects of the food chain.    

So, whether you are an emerging brand, an established name in the eyewear industry, an eyewear distributor, or a sunglasses wholesaler, no matter how small or big, get vocal about the change that sustainable choices bring to this world.

Think about choosing techniques and designs that allow repairing and not wasting. Not something throwing away when it breaks directly leads to wastage reduction.

Think about choosing eco-friendly materials. Some of the best examples of sustainable materials for sunglasses are 100 percent recycled ocean plastic, bio-based renewable castor oil, and wheat straw plastic.

Are you curious to know how these materials are sustainable? Let’s find out.

100 Percent Recycled Ocean Plastic: This type of plastic is made from the plastic waste that is collected from oceans, beaches, waterways, and coastal areas. Using fully recycled ocean plastic is sustainable because it helps clean plastic from the ocean and reuse what’s already available rather than introducing new plastic to the environment.

Bio-Based Renewable Castor Oil: Castor oil is a sustainable alternative to fossil oil-based polymers. While it seems like a hoax, castor oil is indeed being used in the eyewear industry as the primary material for 100 percent bio-based natural 3D material that is used in the 3D printing process. It is a completely eco-friendly choice for making sunglasses and optical frames.

Wheat Straw Plastic: Plastic made from wheat straw fibers is all-natural plastic and completely biodegradable, renewable, and sustainable. This kind of plastic can be decomposed and even used as fertilizers and can also be recycled to make different products.

Besides, it requires less energy to produce and helps save our forests as it is not only helpful in making eco-friendly sunglasses but also paper and disposable products. What’s more, it also helps farmers as they can sell their waste products for a reasonable price.

You see, as an eyewear brand, you can make a big difference by choosing wholesale fashion sunglasses manufacturers who have expertise in making eco-friendly sunglasses. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s make our world a better place to live and enjoy.

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