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How to Pick the Right UV Protection Sunglasses

Not all sunglasses are made to protect your eyes from harmful UV radiation from the sun, and not all UV sunglasses provide the same level of protection from UV rays. As a brand or business interested in purchasing wholesale sunglasses, it’s essential to know about UV sunglasses and their levels of protection. UV protection categories are very important when selling sunglasses–you need to understand exactly what you’re selling to customers and select the right wholesale sunglasses for your business.


UV sunglasses are more than fashion accessories as they protect the eyes from damaging ultraviolet rays produced from the sun. Sunglasses with a high enough level of lens protection are safe to wear on those hot summer days and when tanning at the pool or beach. When it comes to picking the right UV sunglasses, though, there are different categories to know about for UV protection for different purposes. Here’s a quick guide to explain which UV category lenses are right for your specific needs.

Category 0 Lens

Category 0 lenses in sunglasses do not provide UV protection at any level and only absorb up to 20% of light. They are totally transparent glasses and suitable only for overcast days, dawn, and dusk.

Category 1 Lens

Category 1 UV lenses filter only a fraction of UV rays from the sun and absorb up to 57% of light. The UV protection is so minimal that these glasses are only useful on cloudy days. Category 1 lenses are not used to protect eyes from damaging UV rays.

Category 2 Lens

UV sunglasses with category 2 lenses absorb up to 82% of light and filter about 50% of the UV radiation—far more than category 1 lenses. These are suitable for summer days but not in very bright sun as it won’t be enough to protect your eyes from UV radiation. Colored, transparent lenses in sunglasses normally belong to this category. These are an ideal choice for your catalog in the entry-level segment.

Category 3 Lens

Category 3 lenses in sunglasses are the most common, and you can easily find them in almost every eyewear shop. Sunglasses with these lenses absorb up to 91% of light and offer optimal protection from UV radiation. They are not very dark, so you can easily wear them while driving. Category 3 lenses are suitable and safe for bright, sunny days on trips to mountains and beaches.

Category 4 Lens

Category 4 lenses are very rare, but they provide the maximum amount of UV protection by absorbing almost 97% of light. However, the vision level will be very dark and should not be worn while driving. These lenses are most suitable on high mountains while trekking.

One should also be aware that wearing UV-protective sunglasses doesn’t mean it’s safe to stare directly into bright sunlight. Sunglasses are made to protect your eyes from sun glare and UV radiation and should always be worn properly.

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