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Let’s Talk About Polarized Sunglasses

Without a doubt, life under the sun can be cheerful until the sun starts messing up and hinders you from seeing. No denying, that sun rays can create unwanted sun glares and lead you to squint. The sunglasses you put on shield your vision from being forgotten it also shows your personality and taste. Apart from blurring the bright light, sunglasses can be extremely useful with polarized lenses. 

What is Polarization?

Just envision that you are standing on a huge rock resting in the middle of the ocean while a giant storm is passing by and waves are coming from all directions. Well, this is how unpolarized light works. As you know, light travels in waves; however, these waves are in multitudes of planes. The light waves are reaching you from every direction (similar to the storm’s waves). Not to mention, when you polarize light, you are only allowing some percentage of light to come through. Again envision, you are back in that storm, creating a wall around the rock and yourself, but you still have a small opening. What would happen? Most of the waves will be blocked off. To put it simply, the waves of the storm are the unpolarized light. You standing on a giant rock represent your eyes that you are willing to protect from the unpolarized waves, which is why you develop a wall around you and the rock (your eyes) represents polarized sunglasses.


To your knowledge, polarized lenses come with a filter that blocks all the unwanted light waves. The polarized sunglasses only allow vertical light to pass them through and absorb the rest. These glasses do not block all light waves because you won’t be able to see through them. A polarized lens filters out horizontal light waves, which causes glare, and only lets the vertical light wave passing through.

The Benefits of Polarized Sunglasses From A Reputed Outlet

  1. Blocks Glare:

One of the major perks is- that polarized lenses help in reducing unwanted glare. Moreover, the light tends to bounce off of objects, for example, cars, planes, cell phones, and even calm waters. No denying, by ceasing these blinding lights will make your outdoor activities more fun and safe. 


  1. Increases Color Contrast:

When you see through polarized sunglasses, the objects will appear crisper and clearer. It enhances the visibility of details due to the increment of the color contrast. To put it simply, it’s like the high definition for your glasses.


  1. Reduces Eye Strain:

With polarized lenses, the need to squint will be eliminated. The reduction of the sun’s brightness and the blockage of glare allow your eyes to get more relaxed. This makes a long day of sun exposure simpler on your eyes. 


  1. See Into the Water:

Polarized lenses are extremely useful for everyday wear, but it is very beneficial for water activities like fishing. As polarized lenses block glare and haze that reflects off the water, it helps to see the wildlife and other objects below the water surface. 

We hope the above-mentioned pointers are enough to make you understand why polarized sunglasses are better than others. There are many polarized sunglasses suppliers that can also help you choose the best lenses.

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