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OEM Fashion Sunglasses Manufacturer & Supplier: Bring Your Line to Life With Our Oem Sunglasses Services

If you are a business that is planning to launch your sunglasses line with unique specifications and requirements, we can expertly help you manufacture your desired sunglasses designs. We have worked with hundreds of leading sunglasses businesses worldwide where they designed their pieces and we manufactured their OEM fashion sunglasses. Leading the industry of OEM sunglasses manufacturers, we employ the latest tools and technology to ensure the product’s robustness. Our sunglasses OEM are ideal for individual designers, world-class brands, and sunglass retailers looking for top-notch products at affordable wholesale rates.

Depending on the requirements of our clients, we are equipped for OEM sunglasses manufacturing of different materials such as durable plastic, recycled plastic, and fiberglass. All of our sunglasses are designed as required by our clients to their exact specifications.  We have also designed for several private labels and produced different sunglasses models for well-known and high-fashion brands.

Why choose us?

With over 12 years of sunglasses industry experience, we are highly skilled experts with sufficient manpower to handle bulk orders and your specific design needs. Whether you are a small sunglass brand or a well-established brand creating new designs for every season, with our OEM sunglasses manufacturing services you will be able to avail yourself of the latest technology in the market and our leading expertise.

Once we look at your rough designs, we can offer some suggestions to make your design the most efficient. If you have already worked with a designer to develop the idea, we will create a digital wireframe to give you an idea of what the finished product would look like. Since our inception, we have worked with leading Asian sunglasses brands and global high-fashion brands. We provide OEM fashion sunglasses in any design, color, and material you can possibly think of.

Buy fashion sunglasses OEM in bulk

For all the brands we work with, no matter the size, our sunglasses are ready to be manufactured and shipped in bulk in the fastest possible time frame. After confirming the design, we often send a sample to the client to get approval. Once the design is confirmed, we will start mass-producing OEM sunglasses that will be ready before the deadline. All of our bulk products are very affordable, even for small brands, and we never compromise on quality. Since our factory is based in a large area and we employ the latest machinery in every step of the process, we can manufacture up to 50,000 pairs of sunglasses a day.

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