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December 06, 2023

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High  Contrast  Polarized  Lens


High Contrast

More Vivid & Vibrant  Color

Our Vivid High Contrast Lens,shows further how we absorb in the 580nm range as well as in the 490nm range.

Also, we create more vibrant reds with having higher transmission in the visible light range .

Photochromic Polarized Lens



Clear & Soft

Environment Fitting

Instant Change with Light

Change to Change

Sunglasses Custom Lens
Color is completely changed into dark within 1 minute and recovered within 1.5 minutes

Photochromic lenses are optical  lenses that  darken  on  exposure to  specific types  of  light  of  sufficient  intensity, most  commonly ultraviolet (UV) radiation. In the absence of activating light the  lenses  return  to  their  clear  state.  They  are  principally  used  in eyeglasses that  are  dark  in  bright sunlight, but clear in low ambient light conditions. They darken significantly within about a minute of exposure to bright light, and take somewhat longer to clear.

1. According to the intensity of the light to adjust the color depth and the comfort of the light, to bring you a high-definition comfortable vision.
2. Color change and color recovery performance is very good. The color can be completely changed into dark within 1 minute and recovered within 1.5 minutes.
3. Imported Photochromic PVA film and polarized efficiency reaches over 99%.

Infrared Light Cutting

Polarized Lens

Without the lens

With the lens

Block Infrare light and Ultra violet light efficiently

Clearer Vision

Effectively Filter Ultraviolet and infrared light

Infrared (IR), also known as red light, is an electromagnetic wave whose wavelength is between microwave and visible light. 

Its wavelength is between 760 nm and 1 mm. It is a non visible light whose wavelength is longer than red light. 

The harm of infrared ray to us is down feeling, photophobia, scorching, cataract , retina peeling off.

Infrared light cutting lens is to use technology to change the material characteristics, 

so that the infrared ray is absorbed or refracted by the lens so that it does not enter the eyes. 

It can effectively reduce the stimulation of near‑infrared radiation on the eyes, 

reduce the halo under the strong sunlight, and improve the visual clarity.


Without the lens

Lightness and clear, restore the world true color

7 layers of materials laminated

1.Use the world best TAC material from Germany IPI and PVA film from 

Japanese Kuraray

2.100% UV resistance. Cutting the harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC ultra violet 

rays which is under 400nm

3.High polarizing efficiency and eliminate the glare efficiently to reach 

viewing softer and clearer

4. high hardness, anti-scratch, anti-smudge and easy to clean.

5.Low Haze and high clearness( Haze result is 0.20-0.30 which is far 


Gradient Color, Fresh and Colorful,  Clear and Soft Vision, Customize at will

the above half of lens tinted with dark color can well eliminate the glare

the lower half part of lens tinted with light color  can avoid the lower light transmitance  to affect near viewing sight

1. Use the world bestTAC material from Germany lPl and PVA film from Japanese Kuraray.

2. 100% UV resistance. Cutting the harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC ultra violet rays which is under 400nm.

3. High polarizing efficiency and eliminate the glare efficiently to reach viewing softer and clearer

4. High hardness, anti-scratch, antismudge and easy to clean.

5. Fresh, clear, colorful and customize at will!

6. Based on the eyes’ viewing place far or nearto see through the different parts of lens, tint the different parts of lens with different color and different light transmittance.

It is more scientific and more comfortable for wearer.

7. Lens base and optical performance is stable and pass domestic and international standards.


Play around coating color

Gorgeous color

Customized at will

Blue Revo: 12 layers coating,  Reflect harmful blue light, increase visual  clarity, suitable for coating on  gray lenses.

Red black Revo: 12 layers coating, Reflecting near-infrared light, Keep the light transmittance, suitable for coating on gray and green lenses.

Orange Revo: 12 layers coating, Reflecting near-infrared light, the L/T will be decreased by 2-3%, suitable for coating on brown lenses.

Pink blue Revo: 12 layers coating, Reflecting harmful blue light and near-infrared light,  keep the color authenticity without reducing the light transmittance, suitable for coating on  green and gray lenses.

Green Revo: 12 layers coating, Filter green light, the L/T will be decreased by 5%, the coating is mostly for fashion.

Yellow Revo: 12 layers coating, it is similar to Green Revo.

Purple Revo: 12 layers coating, it is similar to Red black Revo.

Multi Layers High Vacuum Coating

According to the performance of high and low refractive index material,

do coating layers alternately based on the designed layers’ technology so as

to achieve the desired color and function.

Anti‑Seawater Coating

Seawater Ressistance
According to the performance of high and low refractive index material,  do coating layers alternately based on the designed layers' technology,  so as to achieve the function of Seawater corrosion resistance.
1.Resistant to sea water corrosion; the coating longevity is long!  The normal  coating is easy to peel off in case of sweat or seawater,  while the sea water resistant coating has no such issue. 2.High polarizing efficiency and eliminate the glare efficiently to reach  viewing softer and clearer. 3.High hardness, anti-scratch, anti-smudge and easy to clean.
Corrosion Resistance

Definition / Theory

Product Performance

OAR Coating

Eliminate glare
Increase the light transmission
Comfortable vision

According to the performance of high and low refractive index material, do coating layers alternately based on the designed layers’ technology, so as to increase light transmittance and eliminate the glare!

Reduce lens’ reflection and make the wearer feel comfortable! Improve night vision, eliminate the glare from car lights, alleviate eye fatigue! Improve color sensitivity, ensure the color’s authenticity! Increase light transmittance, clearer and vision is much softer!

PC Polarized Lens

Good Toughness
Impact Resistance
Suitable for Sports

Impact Resistance

High Temperature Resistance

Using imported high-grade PC plastic particle material and imported polarized film as raw materials.adopting advanced production equipment and mature injection molding lamination technology, we have produced high-quality PC polarized sunglasses lenses.

Using imported polarized film, the polarizing efficiency is excellent, which reaches more than 99.5%The impact resistance is the best among all kinds of polarized lenses, suitable for sports glasses and safety glasses Good high temperature resistance, not easy to deform in high temperature environment, high definition.

Nylon Polarized Lens

Clear & Light
Low Stress
Comfortable Vision

View without the lens

View with the lens

Use optical grade TR90 nylon material from EMS and imported polarized film as raw material

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