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Sunglasses Lens Color Guide

October 07, 2023

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Sunglasses of different colors can provide different visual effects and functions to the wearer when used. When sunglasses wholesalers purchase sunglasses or customize sunglasses, they can customize the color of sunglasses according to the end consumer’s requirements and preferences for sunglasses functions.

Before the sunglasses production process begins, sunglasses manufacturer usually have in-depth communication with customers to understand more of the customers’ needs so as to make better suggestions for customers on glasses frame customization and sunglasses lenses color selection.

With the diversification of market demand, the sunglasses colors are becoming more and more abundant. Sunglasses manufacturer will have many physical samples of lens colors for customers to better select and configure the color of sunglasses lenses when customizing sunglasses, present more intuitive effects to customers.

Here are some common sun lens color categories and features:

1. Gray Series Lenses

The gray lenses have balanced absorption of any color spectrum and can completely absorb infrared rays and 98% of ultraviolet rays. It can effectively reduce the light intensity. When you wear sunglasses with gray lenses to view the scenery, the scenery will only become darker without obvious chromatic aberration. It has excellent color reproduction. Imaging appears natural and colors are true. Gray lenses are a neutral color.

Gray lenses are suitable for most weather conditions, including sunny, cloudy, and overcast days, and are one of the most common and commonly used sunglasses lenses colors. Whether it is a sunny day with strong sunlight or a cloudy day with softer light, sunglasses with gray lenses can protect the eyes while providing the wearer with comfortable visual effects when running, cycling, driving and daily use.

2. Brown Series lenses

Brown lenses can filter a large amount of blue light, improve visual contrast and clarity, and are suitable for wearing when the air is severely polluted or foggy. Brown lenses reduce the brightness while minimizing the distortion of object color, and can slightly reduce the halo of blue light, making the image clearer.

Brown lenses are suitable for strong lighting environments. They can block the reflected light from smooth and shiny surfaces. They can effectively block glare, allowing the wearer to see the subtle parts of objects clearly, and provide better vision while protecting the eyes from ultraviolet damage. The effect is ideal for drivers.

3. Green Series lenses

Like gray lenses, green lenses can also effectively absorb infrared rays and 99% of ultraviolet rays. While absorbing light, they can maximize the amount of green light reaching the eyes, so green lenses have a cool and comfortable feeling. Reduce eye fatigue, especially suitable for people whose eyes are prone to fatigue.

Compared with gray lenses, green lenses have slightly lower light transmittance and clarity. They are suitable for environments with strong sunlight and high brightness, and should not be worn while driving.

4. Blue-gray lenses

Similar to gray lenses, they are both neutral lenses, but are darker in color and have higher visible light absorption rate.

5. Color coated lenses

Color coated lenses are a popular trend nowadays. Lens colors can be customized according to customer needs. The colors are various and very cool. The most common and commonly used are TAC coated lenses and PC coated lenses.

Take TAC coated lenses as an example. Generally, gray TAC polarized lenses are used as the bottom layer. A film layer composed of 7 layers of materials is attached to the surface of the lens. It is then strengthened to form a mirror reflection effect. At the same time, the color also adheres to the surface of the lens. Color coated lenses meet people’s requirements for cool, while effectively reducing glare and eliminating dazzling reflected light and scattered light. While protecting your eyes from ultraviolet damage, sunglasses with color-coated lenses can make your vision softer and clearer, and are suitable for outdoor athletes to use in environments with particularly strong sunlight and reflections, such as beaches and boats.

6. Yellow lenses

Strictly speaking, yellow lenses are not sunglasses because they reduce almost no visible light. But yellow lenses absorb most of the blue light, making natural scenes clearer. In foggy and dusk moments, wearing yellow lens glasses can improve the contrast and provide more accurate vision, so yellow lens glasses are also called night vision glasses.

Some young people wear yellow-lensed “sunglasses” as decoration, but it is recommended not to wear yellow-lensed glasses while driving, as they can easily cause confusion at traffic lights.

7. Light pink, light blue and other lenses

This type of lens can also provide UV protection, but this type of lens is light in color, has weak sunshade effect and light transmission reduction effect, is more decorative than practical, and is mostly used for clothing matching.

In addition to the above common colors, there are other colors such as orange, purple, red, and progressive colors that can be customized.


In addition to distinguishing sunglasses by color, another way is to divide them into five categories according to the depth of the lens color, that is, according to the transmittance of the lens. Please refer to this blog:

In general, when configuring the color of sunglasses lenses, it is necessary to understand the market demand for lenses of different colors, popular trends, and consumer preferences, and combine it with the positioning of your own sunglasses brand to customize matching sunglasses lenses color and increase sunglasses products. Thereby promoting the increase of sunglasses business.

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