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Sunglasses Manufacturers in China

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Sunglasses Wholesale

YOOSUNGLASSES is among the top sunglasses manufacturers in China. We have been supplying both small and large companies with women sunglasses and men sunglasses in wholesale. We offer bulk sunglasses in different features including lifestyle, running, driving, cycling, climbing, floating sunglasses.

The company’s eyeglasses manufacturing plant can produce injection molded sunglasses, acetate sunglasses, and metal sunglasses. As an experienced sunglasses supplier, we can cater to the special needs of sustainable sunglasses wholesalers.

YOOSUNGLASSES has been working as a trustworthy sunglasses manufacturer and supplier in China for more than a decade. With our years of experience in the industry, we can guarantee the production of high-quality sunglasses. Aside from wholesale bulk sunglasses, we also offer customization and design services to our clients. We have sunglasses in a variety of materials, shapes, sizes and colors.

If you are looking for a reliable sunglasses factory, you can rely on YOOSUNGLASSES. Buy sunglasses in bulk from us and let us help you grow your business using our customizable and affordable products.

Wholesale Sunglasses From YOOSUNGLASSES

YOOSUNGLASSES has more than 3000+ in-stock wholesale sunglasses designs that you can choose from at our warehouse. They cater to people in different usage scenarios including lifestyle, running, driving, cycling, golf and fishing.

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Bulk Custom Sunglasses With Your Own Design

Still not finding the sunglasses you want? Use your ideas to manufacture sunglasses and build a sunglasses brand of your own.

Sunglasses Function

The scenario in which you use sunglasses determines what type of sunglasses design would be ideal. We have the experience and technology to design custom sunglasses for daily wear or custom sports sunglasses for the outdoors. YOOSUNGLASSES also offers custom sunglasses accessories and sunglasses branding services.

Sunglasses Material

For best use, your customized sunglasses need to be made with the right frame material. For example, sunglasses used during water sports need to be made of a material that floats on water so that you can easily find your sunglasses if they fall off. We can produce sunglasses in different materials to accommodate such needs.

Sunglasses Shapes

Sunglasses shapes are important for aesthetics and functionality. Our design team will work with you to consider a variety of custom shapes that are right for you. In addition to round, oval, square and rectangular shapes, you can choose from cat-eye, wrap-around and other shapes.

Sunglasses Dimension

The dimensions of your sunglasses need to match the face shapes of your consumers, whether the consumer are adults or children, men or women, Europeans, Americans or Asians, there are differences in the size of the face. As such, we design and provide 3D samples of your customized sunglasses for you to check and test before production begins.

Glasses Frames Color

Colored sunglasses appeal to customers and can be used as a brand signature. We can customize sunglasses in monochromatic color such as blue, green, or yellow, or we can customize sunglasses in multi-color blends, or any other colorful pattern of your choice.

Sunglasses Lens Function

Function of sunglasses lenses is different for different scenarios, whether they are used in daily outings or under bright light, worn while driving or for specific outdoor sports, sunglasses lenses play an important role to protect your eyes. Choose sunglasses lenses with right function to protect your eyesight health effectively and get better visual effect.

Sunglasses Lens Material

From affordable PC lenses to more expensive PA Polarized lenses, different materials have their own advantages and disadvantages in terms of optical performance and usage feel. In customizing sunglasses, our design team will work with you to select the most appropriate sunglasses lens material for your needs and budget.

Logo Customized

Customized sunglasses logo is an important part of brand building, high quality logo represents the sunglasses company's profile, in making custom sunglasses, it can print sunglasses logo on lenses, it can also print logo on the sunglasses arms, or customize metal logo to be inlaid in sunglasses arms.

Sunglasses Accessories

Fitting sunglasses with high quality packaging, glass cases, glass pouch and glass cloths are essential and these increase the value of the sunglasses.

Get Sunglasses in Bulk Step-by-step

We Respond to Your Inquiry Within One Day

We understand that time is an invaluable resource for your business and thus fast service delivery is important. Our short response times aim to provide easy access to our services.

We Deliver Customized Sunglasses Designs

Our objective is to deliver a customized sunglasses design that meets all your requirements. We aim to bring your vision to life because customer satisfaction is important to us.

We Fulfill Efficient Sunglasses Manufacturing

YOOSUNGLASSES factory is fitted with modern machinery and efficient assembly lines to ensure that we are able to make high quality sunglasses. It also allows us to bulk produce sunglasses with shorter turnaround times

We Offer Custom Sunglasses Packaging

When you come to us with sunglasses packaging needs, we strive to fulfill them. We have many stock designs that you can choose from or we could explore customization.

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