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What do Customers Expect from Hiking Sunglasses?

During this time of year, many individuals enjoy mountain hiking vacations. Now is also the time when people are looking for new hiking sunglasses.

If you’re unfamiliar with these sunglasses, do a quick online search for ‘hiking sunglasses.’ You’ll find color selections for these sunglasses in both fall and winter. However, several sunglasses manufacturers advise not to focus solely on trends or styles.

Customers look for a certain sort of trekking eyeglasses. People generally do not prefer to wear the same glasses for hiking and relaxing at the beach in the summer. They want separate hiking glasses, and here are a few reasons why.

1. Complete UV Protection

Complete UV protection is a must regardless of the season. Some buyers, however, may confuse UV protection with black lenses. You must understand that those are two distinct issues.

If your sunglasses are dark-colored and don’t provide enough UV protection, hiking can become a challenging experience.

The pupils naturally dilate in quest of more light when wearing dark shades. When the sun isn’t as high in the sky during the shorter fall and winter days, the body’s natural response is amplified.

As a result, black glasses without proper UV protection can be harmful on autumn treks. Above all, make sure you’re providing UV 400 protection to your customers.

2. Polarized Lenses

Hikers are one of the demographic groups that value polarized lenses. Light may do strange things when it reflects off a mountain lake or a fast-moving stream.

Trekking in the dark can be difficult even when a small beam of light pokes out from behind a hill or puffy cloud. Polarized lenses are the solution.

3. Solid Frames

Hiking is a challenging and strenuous activity. As a result, models with substantial frames should be included in your sunglasses inventory for the fall and winter seasons.

Wood frames and heavier plastic frames with a little more breadth and thickness are excellent choices. The goal is to provide customers with sunglasses that are not readily damaged if dropped on the route.

Giving them sunglasses that are rugged is a good idea. Solid frames are more durable than thinner, less bulky frames.

4. A Comfortable Fit

Customers who enjoy trekking will select sunglasses with a comfortable fit. They don’t want to take off their shades for the long climb to the top of the mountain.

Allowing customers to try on sunglasses for size might help them find the perfect fit. Hikers prefer sunglasses that are comfortable to wear and stay on their faces at all times.

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