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When to Use and When to Avoid Polarized Sunglasses?

Are you an eyewear brand or someone looking to launch a new line of sunglasses? If yes, you might have heard about polarized sunglasses. The demand for polarized sunglasses is getting higher and higher with each passing year. So, if you are someone who has never used polarized sunglasses, you must know about at least the basics of polarized sunglasses. This will not only help you know why you should have a collection of polarized sunglasses in your store but also help you make your customers understand why they should buy these sunglasses

How Do Polarized Sunglasses Work?

Simply put, lenses of polarized sunglasses come with a special chemical that is applied to filter light. Additionally, chemical molecules are typically lined up to cease or block some of the light from passing through the lenses.


Envision this like a mini blind is hooked in the window’s front. The light that can only pass through the blind’s openings can be seen! Over the polarized sunglasses, the filter makes vertical openings and only light rays that approach vertically can fit via them (the openings).


Needless to mention, the lenses block all the horizontal lights that bounce off a glittery shiny hood! As an outcome of using filtering, the objects and the images you will see will be on a bit darker side than normal! However, objects appear crisper and clearer with these sunglasses.

When to Use Polarized Sunglasses?

Individuals using polarized sunglasses have often concluded that when they put on these sunglasses, they become less tired than before. Polarized sunglasses are a great option to deal with the almost everyday situation. To your knowledge, there are some specific circumstances where polarized sunglasses may be beneficial. Have a look at them.

  • Fishing: For individuals who love fishing, polarized sunglasses substantially chop the glare and assist them to see into the water.


  • Boating: Eyestrain can be caused if you spend longer than normal on the water body. Also, you will be able to see clearly underneath the water surface better.


  • Some golfers feel that polarized sunglasses make it arduous for them to read when they put on; however, there is no solid evidence yet. Many golfers have also found that polarized lenses have lessened glare on fairways. What’s more? When you put on polarized lenses while playing, you can easily spot the ball in the water.


  • Most snowy environments. Snow leads to glare! So, wearing polarized sunglasses is generally a decent choice. 

When Not To Use Polarized Sunglasses?

When looking at LCD (liquid crystal display) screens such as:

  • Car dashboard controls
  • ATM cash machines
  • Cell phones
  • Some watches

Are UV Blocking and Polarization the Same?

Always remember, if lenses are capable of blocking the harmful rays of the sun, it doesn’t mean that they are polarized too. To know if sunglasses are polarized or not, check the label! Reputable polarized sunglasses manufacturers who precisely mention everything for their buyers’ ease.

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