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YOOSUNGLASSES Lens Catalogue December 06, 2023 Awesome! Share to: High  Contrast  Polarized  Lens Detail High Contrast More Vivid & Vibrant  Color Our Vivid High Contrast Lens,shows further how we absorb in the 580nm range as well as in the 490nm range. Also, we create more vibrant reds with having higher transmission in the visible light range . Photochromic Polarized Lens Dusk Noon Clear & Soft Environment Fitting […]

Sunglasses Lens Coating Structure

Sunglasses Lens Coating Structure November 17, 2023 Awesome! Share to: Human eyes have a “membrane” and so do lenses. In our Sunglasses lens Color Guide blog, we talked about adding color to sunglasses by applying color coatings to lenses to meet the demand for more diverse lens colors. Lens color coating is just one type […]

Sunglasses Lens Color Guide

Sunglasses Lens Color Samples

Sunglasses Lens Color Guide October 07, 2023 Awesome! Share to: Sunglasses of different colors can provide different visual effects and functions to the wearer when used. When sunglasses wholesalers purchase sunglasses or customize sunglasses, they can customize the color of sunglasses according to the end consumer’s requirements and preferences for sunglasses functions. Before the sunglasses […]

Sunglasses Lens Material

Sunglasses lens material

Sunglasses Lens Material Aug 22, 2023 Awesome! Share to: As a wholesaler or seller of sunglasses, do you really know about sunglasses lenses? Do you know how to choose sunglasses lens when you wholesale sunglasses or custom your own brand sunglasses from a sunglasses factory? Lens is a very important factor in determining the quality of […]

Do All Sunglasses Have UV Protection?

Do all sunglasses have UV protection

Do All Sunglasses Have UV Protection? July 25, 2023 Awesome! Share to: It is often assumed that all sunglasses block UV rays and provide adequate protection for the wearer. However, not all sunglasses have the ability to block UV rays. Only sunglasses fitted with UV400 protective lenses can effectively block UV rays and protect our […]

How Are Sunglasses Made?

How are sunglasses made

How Are Sunglasses Made? May 24, 2023 Awesome! Share to: Plastic sunglasses have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their affordability, versatility, and wide range of styles. These sunglasses are made from a variety of materials, including acetate, nylon, and polycarbonate, which provide durability and flexibility. Plastic frames also offer a wider range […]

What Are The Shades Trend In 2023?

What are the shades trend in 2023

What Are The Shades Trend In 2023? ——Application Of 2023 Trending Colors On Fashion Sunglasses May 06, 2023 Awesome! Share to: After survey by WGSN&Coloro, 2023 top 5 trend colors are digital lavender, luscious red, sundial, tranquil blue and verdigris. These top 5 colors speak to time spend in the virtual world, as technology allows […]

Do All Sunglasses Have BPA?

BPA-free PC Sunglasses

Do All Sunglasses Have BPA? ——Not all sunglasses contain BPA which has something to do with the raw materials used in the manufacture of sunglasses. March 28, 2023 Awesome! Share to: YOOSUNGLASSES is a professional sunglasses manufacturer from China.  They have produced BPA-free sunglasses series products. YOOSUNGLASSES has 8+ years of experience in producing BPA-free […]

<strong>Degradable Materials: The New Trend in Green Consumption of Eyewear Products</strong>

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Degradable Materials ——The New Trend in Green Consumption of Eyewear Products December 7, 2022 Awesome! Share to: Is your amazing collection of sunglasses sustainable? Are you a fashion brand looking to make sustainable sunglasses? Degradable materials are the new trend in the green consumption of eyewear products. Our environment is gradually becoming unfit for future […]

Why are Sports Sunglasses so Important for a Sportsperson?

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Why are Sports Sunglasses so Important for a Sportsperson? When it comes to the essential list of any athlete, sports glares must be topping the list, as they are the fundamental part of safeguarding eyes from the harmful rays of the sun as well as debris. Having said that, however, individuals still don’t give them […]